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To Her and Back

To Her and Back

Excited, a light heart, a smile in face,
Zoo Road: I stepped on a crowded bus;
On board I heard buzz and consents..
Some in a fix, Captain defeats Queen;
Others roared for Congress had its win-
It was just two days past the Result 13th!

Stoppages past- Zunali, Tiniali, Commerce,
Chandmari, Colony, Service and finally,
I’m down at the big circle of Silpukhuri.

From the hill road when you grace me
With a private glance, I know for sure-
That the proof of love you gave me
When we were 500 miles apart, alone
Was not just a mere good dream,
Next we headed for Digholipukhuri!

Once there, then we exchanged words-
This journey of life- whatever is left,
We‘ll advance together, hand in hands.

Still, but we are not much ready now,
Tomorrow we will be- so we part again
With a promise that we’ll meet again
Amidst that crowd, just the two of us-
Alone thus I returned back contented,
To the solitude of my private dreams!

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