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Confusion between GOOD PEOPLE.. :(

Location: Facebook

1> Huck, Male
2> Tom, Male (Huck's closest friend)
3> Lisa, FeMale (Huck's senior in school and now it college too)
4> Sunaina, FeMale (Lisa's friend)

Facebook relations:
Before it took place:
Tom, Lisa were in Huck’s friends’ list.
Huck, Lisa, Sunaina were in Tom’s friends’ list.
Huck, Tom, Sunaina were in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Tom, Lisa were in Sunaina’s friends’ list.
After it had took place:
Tom, Lisa are in Huck’s friends’ list.
Huck is in Tom’s friends’ list.
Huck, Sunaina are in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Lisa is in Sunaina’s friends’ list.
Huck’s status remained intact.
Lisa, Sunaina no longer remained in Tom’s friends’ list.
Tom no longer remained in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Tom no longer remained in Sunaina’s friends’ list.

The Case:
20 Nov:          Huck receives a FB message from Lisa in which she describes that Tom had put some rubbish comments on Sunaina’s wall. Huck condemns it and replies that he would take over the matter with Tom and make him realize his mistake. (At this time, Huck believed that Tom indeed did it)
22 Nov:        Huck speaks with Tom over the matter. Tom denies of using any abusive or disrespectful tone with Sunaina. Huck remains confused and trapped not knowing who is faulty.
26 Nov:        The issue takes a discussion between Huck and Tom again. Tom re-denies his accusation. Huck retains his earlier state.
16 Dec:        After about 20 days from the time the issue was last discussed, Huck receives a wallpost from Lisa on his wall. It quoted her asking Huck if she had tried to make him against someone. Not sensing anything Huck replies negative and asks for more clarification. Lisa comments suggesting Huck to get the answer from his friend (best indication towards Tom). Huck visits Tom’s wall and finds a philosophical status update there:  “Tom-says if u hate me than plz tell at my face...i wont mind...plz don't pinch my buddy n do him against me...that will be most cheap act a person can do... :(” By the time Huck saw the update, it was almost flooded with comments, one from Lisa. In the comment Lisa tries to convince Tom that everybody loves him. But Tom already hurt from knowing the matter from his closest friend, Huck breaks on her and accuses her publicly. Thereafter Lisa removes Tom from her friends’ list.

Review: Huck acted as a conveyor in the whole case and was not an active part in the case. Hence no question of any kind of affect on his friendship with Tom could have happened. Tom is thus using the ‘pinching buddy against’ as a mere arm against Lisa. But it has affected relationships between all the three-Huck, Tom, Lisa whereas Sunaina is playing an escapist.
Not to mention that Huck and Tom being friends since they were Nursery buds, their relationship had gained their earlier weight; this was proved by a comment by Huck on Tom’s blamed status. Tom too replied positively.

17 Dec:                  Question remains, who actually created the confusion?

Important Note: Above content is a pure fiction. It has no relation with any living/true Facebook user. If it bears any similarity with any real event it should be considered as a mere co-incidence.

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Copyable or not..

©opiable or not
He’s got a fresh Tee, I must too
And that he hung his Jeans low,
Had his hair brushed funky after
Having it cut that way, why not I?

He outed on his bir’dae nite.. Or
Called upon his pals for a dash at..
Hasty-Tasty O’ went Mad wae it
At Jalpaan or BR, I should too..

But still every door bangs its own,
Dishes of sets crack variably, and
Bombs rip at intensities- high or low..
Why should I copy then? For..
Copying is a subject of Fools and Cheats,
Something I shan’t , never should I..

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Big Dams <-> Big Problems

A friend SMSed me to write a critical essay for his assessment in school on the big dams issue and I had to prepare this overnight.

A big wall on a Zone 5 hill pushing the waters of the largest river in the country- Will it be safe? This is the debate that has become a breakfast crump of the newspapers of the state. Political parties has also got a new mantra to missile chairs upon one another. The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti is no less in its place having tried all ways to paralyze the functioning of the state. It all makes to look that the luck in the 2011 state elections relies on it. May be it is true- who knows, who cares?

To introduce the issue of big dams here is not at all necessary; everybody has already been introduced to it. It’s absolutely true that the big dams can boost the energy sector of the state, lower the power crisis of the nation and also solve the unemployment condition to a large range. But doing so at a cost of a higher loss will be putting a mirror before our foolishness. Studies have always revealed that such big dams wipe out the life of aquatic animals downstream. Forget the view of environment conservation but think of the people who earn their bread on the fishes! Also examples of big dams drawing earthquakes are pacing like ants. Ask the CM about this issue and he will politely cite you examples of China where the Three-Gorges Dam is making the nation proud. At that time he will trick to forget the 2008 earthquake there which marked 7.8 on the scales and snatched life from 80,000 Chinese. Reports claim that this quake happened as a mere cause of the Zipingpu dam resulting to Reservoir-Induced Seismicity.

Apart from these, there are also proved results of loss of fertility of lands and irrigation abnormalities. Every oldies now say that there has been a great change in the climate since their times. Once the dams are implemented it will make road clear for the newbies too. Everybody can then sit and share their woes on the change in climate. Because, it is likely that dams will be subjected to much higher flows in coming decades, rising concerns of dam safety, increased flooding and submergence. Or even it does not happen it is sure to affect the economy by the incurring losses from the project.
With over 150,000 megawatts (MW) of additional hydropower capacity proposed in the next 20 years in four countries, the Himalayan region could have the highest concentration of dams in the world.

Accordingly, even if we are left with dams or no dams, it is sure that we will need to increase our power sector. That could have undoubtedly been made with the costs we have already poured in some useless things; topping the lists is Indian Cricket. There are various substitutes of big dams like the energies from renewable sources or pipeline-electricity-drawing where irrigation channels could be used to turn turbines by sending water through them at a very high speed. But we have made and still making investments on the big dams with the show of concern by our Mantris adding another bit to it. It has now lead to such a stage that even we stop the dams the government will take much longer time to decide on the next time when it spends such a huge amount on the Northeast, a favorite for extortions and protests. Private sectors will take ages for the same.

Now all it requires is to keep aside calculations of personal benefits and round together to search a solution to the problems. But it will remain to be doubtful with the records of our politicians in hand!

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A Housefly

Photograph Courtesy: Banajit Pathak
After missing a dangerous hit from a heavy bound book, I went to hide under the table and found a piece of bread that the little boy had pushed there while having his breakfast; I had a little of it and attempted to peer above but I felt something hard hit me, discovered that the mother had traced me again and let out her sandal at me which struck one of my back-limbs and narrowly escaped another and let out a silent murmur, “I fly coz I am a fly..”

"I write for Bamboo Lounge"

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Original: Biraal (Bengali, বিড়াল)

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

English translation by Shubhadeep Paul

I was lying lazily on my bed with the hookah. A bleak lamp lighted the room- the shadows on the walls reminded me of some dance by evil powers. Dinner was not ready- and so, with the pipe on mouth, I was wondering if I were Napoleon; I could have won the Waterloo or not. I heard a faint sound- “Meaw”.
I looked, but couldn’t understand anything immediately. At first I thought it was Wellington in disguise of a cat that had approached me to beg. Deep inside my first perspective, I thought of speaking out that Mr. Duke had been awarded wisely and that he should not expect more now. Primarily, Greed is not good. Duke replied- “Meaw”!
At that time I opened my eyes wide and looked, it was not Wellington. A poor kitty drank the milk that Prasanna had kept for me while I was battling in Waterloo, in other words, I was not aware. And now Miss Kitty, after finishing the milk to her heart’s content is purring sweetly to show her happiness to the rest of the world- “Meaw”. I can’t say if it was something to tease me; or else it was something of the kind- “One beats the bush, another has the hare!” May the ‘Meaw’ sound have something more in it? May be she wanted to say- “Now that I have drank your milk, what have you to say?”
What have you to say? I could not give me a stand. The milk is not my father’s. The milk was Mangala’s and Prasanna had milked her. Hence the rights that I can exercise on the milk, the cat can also exercise the same. But it has been a tradition that if a cat drinks up our milk we must beat and shoo it away. That I will be an exception to this rule is also not true. Who knows if this cat goes and spread news that Kamalakanta is a coward fellow? Hence it is better to more human. Deciding this I lowered the hookah, searched a lot and discovered a broken stick and raised it to shoo away the cat.
But it seemed that Miss Kitty knew Kamalakanta; she didn’t show many signs of being frightened, only notable is that she looked at my face and displaced herself to a nearby place and said- “Meaw”! I understood her question, dropped the stick, sat on my bed again and lifted the hookah. Then I achieved enlightenment and understood every quote of the cat.
I understood Miss Kitty is saying- “Why are you adopting violence?  Relax, take your hookah and then decide wisely! Why is it that only you will get all the milk, curd, meat, fish; why won’t we get anything? You are a man and I’m a cat, what’s the difference? You have hunger and thirst, don’t we? You eat and we don’t intercept but when we eat why does your traditions step in and you come out with sticks and canes; this is out of my range of understanding. You take some advice from me. Apart from taking some knowledge from a four-footed animal, I see no way to make you wiser. Your schools make me feel that you too have understood this fact.”
“Look, you bed-ridden man! What’s religion? To do good to others is the greatest religion. After drinking this little milk I’m greatly relieved- and now you are a follower of that great religion. I steal or whatever I do, I am helping you to be devoted towards your religion. Thus you should praise me rather then neglecting me; I am your helper.”
“Look, maybe I’m a thief, but am I a thief by wish? Who adopts stealing if he gets food? See, many among those people who are great saints, those who get thrilled on hearing the word ‘thief’ are also not truly devoted. Yes, they have everything and hence they needn’t steal. But even having everything they don’t spare their eyes to have a look at the faces of the needy thieves; hence thieves steal. Unrighteousness lies not in the thief- but in those miser- rich men. Thieves are wrong, I accept, but in the same way those misers are even more wrong. Thieves are punished but why do those misers who are the root cause of stealing doesn’t get punished?”
“Look, I roam here and there purring hungrily, but even still nobody gives me the remnants of his dish. They throw away those remnants in drains; still nobody calls me to have them. You all are stomach-filled and won’t understand my hunger. O! If you care a little for the needy, is there any harm? There is nothing to be ashamed in caring a little for the needy like me. Those who don’t provide alms to the poor also stay awake and pray when a great king has a sore. Still miser to the poor! Shah! Who does?”
“Look, if any such law enforcer or head would have come to drink your milk, would you then run with a stick behind him? Maybe you would ask him to have something else too with folded hands. Then why the sticks come in my case. You’ll say that those are great literates and respectable people. Then is it that because they are literates or respectable, their hunger is more. That isn’t- to oil boasters is a human disease- nobody looks towards the poor. They provide food to those have already eaten and punish the hungry as thieves- Shah! Shah!”
“Look, look at my condition, I roam outside, in colonies, alleys, buildings, still nobody gives me his remnants to eat. Our only luck is when we are pet- when we sit on the ladies’ lap- or be a locale to the chess players- only then can we rise in life. Their health develops; fur increases and some cat’s turn poets at the sight of their beautiful face.”
“And look at my condition- empty-stomached in lack of food, bony, ugly-tailed, teeth-displaced- tongue hanging out- and lastly- ‘Meaw! Meaw! Nothing to eat!’- Don’t show hatred just because of our black skin! We too have some right on the fishes and meats of this world. Give us to eat- else we have to steal. Don’t you feel pity at our dry faces, weak figure and the sad Meaw Meaw? Thieves beget punishment, isn’t there any punishment for being selfish and cruel? There is punishment for poor collecting food but why is there no punishment for rich showing selfishness? You Kamalakanta, far seeing creature, don’t you too notice that we steal because of rich men’s cruelty? Why should one collect food that could be served to five-hundred poor people? Okay, if he does so; but cannot he give his remnants to the poor? And if he doesn’t give it is natural that the poor near him will steal because nobody in this world wants to die surrendered.”
I couldn’t take it more and shouted out- “Stop! Stop! Kitty Miss! Your words are heavy socialistic! The root of disorder in society! If somebody doesn’t earn what he deserves; or after having earned it, cannot digest it, he will long before drop the very idea of earning and economy of the society will fail.”
Kitty replied, “Why should I care? Rise in economy of society is rice of property of the rich. What’s the loss of the poor if the rich don’t earn?”
I understood and replied- “There is no way to development without the rise of economy in society.” Miss Kitty answered angrily- “Why the hell should I care the economy of society if it cannot provide me a little food.”
It was useless to make her understand. If the judge or lawyer determines earlier not to understand anything, it is useless to make him understand. This cat is judges well and is a good debater, lest he has his point of not understanding. Finally I decided not to be harsh and replied- “Maybe it makes no difference to the poor, still it is a primary requirement for the rich, isn’t it?”
Miss Kitty then said- “Hang the thieves, I have no opposition to it but make a rule with it that the judge who will offer the hearing of punishment will skip all his meals three days ago. And still if he doesn’t feel the desire to steal, he can willingly hang the thief. You, you picked the stick to beat me; just skip meals for a day and see how it feels! And if you are not caught in Nasirama Babu’s hotel, then just beat me up, I won’t oppose then.” Wise men say that when someone gives advice, others should listen to it keenly. I followed the trend and said to the cat- “All these unlawful words! It’s also a sin if I oppose all these! Leave all these and be a good disciple of religion. If you wish I could gift you a good book of ‘Newmann and Park’. And ‘Kamalakanter Doptor’ will also help you a bit- at the least you’ll understand the pleasure of opium. Now return to your place. Prasanna will bring some curdled milk tomorrow: Come during the mealtime, we will share and have it. Remember not to steal others’ bowl of milk again; if you are hungry come to me and have some sesame like opium.”
Miss Kitty thought for some time and then spoke out- “Opium is not necessary but I will take time to think about the decision of having the curdled milk, as per my hunger.”
Miss kitty departed. “At last I succeeded in bringing some light to a lost soul.” This thought made Kamalakanta happy.

Well known novelist Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was born on 27th June, 1838 at the Katalpada village of Chobbis Paragnar district of Bengal. His father was Jadav Chandra Chatterjee. Bankim Chandra was brilliant, intelligent and talented from his childhood. He passed his graduation from the Calcutta University with honors. He was the first graduate from the college. Soon the British Government posted him as a District Magistrate. He wrote poems from his student days and published them in various magazines and newspapers. ‘Lalita O Manas’, ‘Durgesh-Nandini’ were his magnum-opus. He started a magazine ‘BongoDarshan’ which stood to be a mouthpiece for many other writers. Prominent among his other writings are ‘Anand Math’, ‘Durgesh-Nandini’, ‘Rajsingha’, ‘Chandrashekhar’, ‘Kamalakanter Doptor’ etc. He was awarded the title of ‘Sahitya Samraat’. This great son of Bengal left for his heavenly abode on 8th April, 1894.

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Indian Commonwealth equals to Show of Indian Culture minus Pessimism

Indian Commonwealth = Show of Indian Culture - Pessimism

Embraced by the hicupps and negative reports by the media, press and critics, I had totally set in my mind that the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi will be a fultoo mess. But the inaugural ceremony held yesterday at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium really stamped under foot the build-up of scandals.
A standing salute to the national anthem of India with the tricolor dancing everywhere and then the inaugural ceremony set off with laser fireworks shooting upwards filling my heart with thrill and joy. The 40 Crore INR Aerostat balloon was set mount to 25 feet as a display of Indian art, culture and at the most-technology. It is fitted with numerous rotating projectors, LEDs and flash lights. 8 big traditional puppets hung beautifully from it dancing in the evening air with the beats of 800 drummers from various regions of the nation, including the Assamese ‘Dhuleeaz’.
Prince Charles, representing Queen Elizabeth, read out loudly, "I have much pleasure in declaring the 19th Commonwealth Games open". Supported by the cheers of the 60,000-crowded galleries, it almost faded away the signal for formal commencement of the games by Pratibha Patil, President of the Republic of India. She was heard saying, " the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi are now open.. Let the Games begin..” Some other 3 billion odd spectators hooked their eyes on their TV and PC screens, thanks to the Doordarshan cameras and some others. But many were reported blaming the long commercial breaks between the telecast; infact the first one had made many believe that there was some glitch on the stadium.
Believed to be a sign of ‘Shubh Aarambh’, roars of the long trumpets, Dunchen, a treasure of the Tibetan Buddhists gave out. Conch (Shonkh) blowers joined them too.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, his cabinet colleagues, former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Maldives President Mohammed Nashid, Prince of Monaco Albert II, Commonwealth Games Federation President Mike Fennell, Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi and a host of dignitaries were present during the opening of the sporting extravaganza.
CWG Federation chief, Mike Fennell and XIX CWG Organizing Committee chairman, Suresh Kalmadi expressed their views on the games.
The Queen’s Baton then made its final run round the stadium floor passing from hands of shooter Abhinav Bindra, badminton star Saina Nehwal, boxer Vijendar Singh and finally wrestler Sushil Kumar after traversing through 71 countries. Abhinav then had the honor of taking the oath on behalf of all the sportsmen as a formal requirement of the games.
There was also a section dedicated to the great tradition of learning which unfolded under the Knowledge Tree - a sacred space of Learning - presenting the Indian Classical dance and music that have been passed on through the Guru shishya Parampara.  The production comprised six classical dances of India, including Odissi from Orissa, Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu, Kathak from North India, Manipuri from Manipur, Mohiniattam from Kerala and Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh. Each classical dance represented a season -- Odissi (Spring), Bharatnatyam (Summer), Kathak (Monsoon), Manipuri (Autumn), Mohiniattam (Fall), Kuchipudi (Winter).
It was followed by various dances performed together by special dance groups from all the states and regions. The aerial view of the dances reflected various structures and positions. Assam was no exception and was an attraction with the 110-member troupe, comprising 48 dancers and 62 drummers (dhuliyaas), led by acclaimed drummer Oja Somnath Bora drawing attention among viewers. At one time the aerial view showcased the sign of respect in Indians- the joining of hands-Namashkar.
Soon 1050 school youngsters were seen making parade to the centre,  grouping themselves into 8 rectangular forms and then covering themselves with white satins. Surprise revealed when the white satins started blooming pictures of mehendi clad hands.
Worth notable that the helium giant flowing overhead at the center kept on displaying change of hues, projecting life size revolving images of the action on the ground. The Nagada drums added to the enjoyment. Keshav, a wonder child from Ponducherry seemed quite cheered through his beats on his table by his tiny hands. The musical production of Swagatam, a rendition of a blend of Hindustani and Carnatic that finally climaxed into a Quawalli, was performed by Hariharan.
Then pretty girls wrapped in traditional dresses led the atheletes’ chain from the 71 participating countries.
It was followed by a show of 816 performers’ choreograph that formed the shape of a sun doing the Suryanmaskar - a series of Yoga postures done in salutation to the sun. Performers on the center stage also displayed some of the most complicated asanas. The performers then dramatically changed the choreography and began to spiral, representing the kundalini - the coiled energy, an instinctive force that lies at the base of the spine. A LED display of the spiral energy in a human figure rose from the center stage.
Chal Chaiya Chaiya! from Dil Se performed on the Indian Railway tableaux moving ahead for Bhaarat Yaatra followed. It conveyed a message of tribute to the cycle repairmen, politicians and many other working classes of India. The Cheraw dancers from Mizoram did their Bamboo dance gave the Rhythm to the run of the train. ‘Pung’, a unique Manipuri hand-beaten drum, enthralled the audience with the Pung Cholom, where the dancers twirls and jumps mid air culminating into a thunderous climax.
There was also a segment on Mahatma Gandhi, where the Father of nation was paid rich tribute through a simplistic, humanistic form, depicted through sand animation based on the historic moment of the Dandi March with Mahatma's favourite hymn - Vaishnavo Janato played at the background.

Folk dancers from various corners of the country also came together to rejoice and dance in celebration of the message of the Mahatma, showcasing the ultimate richness in India's folk culture.
The opening ceremony finally culminated with the rendition of Oscar winning music composer AR Rahman's CWG 2010 Anthem -- Jeeyo, Utho, Badho, Jeeto (Live, Rise, Move, Win) -- to inspire all the athletes to give them the push to victory.
A giant figure of Lord Buddha was created and rose up from the centre stage to rise up to the canopy.

The stadium reverberated with Rahman's Games theme song "Yaaro, India Bula Liya" and his famous "Jai Ho" number from his Oscar-winning " Slumdog Millionaire" album, in the midst of a spectacular fireworks display, before the curtains came down on the spectacular ceremony.
The inaugural ceremony concluded with a well promise of hosting. About 6000 atheletes will chance their luck in the 19th edition of the games that will continue for the next few days.

“Being an Indian, I wish luck to the Indian atheletes and hope for overall success of the  Commonwealth Games. Jai Hind!”

Report prepared with inputs from 'The Times of India' and 'The Telegraph'

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Chemistry- A road Not Taken

Chemistry- A road Not Taken
Haunts of people asking me why I shifted to the Arts stream after completing one year of the TDC course in Science with Chemistry as Major subject surrounded me the last quarter of the year. Yes, I accept that such a sudden shift of subjects invites curiosity to everybody’s mind. Teachers of the Department of Chemistry were horrified when they came to know about my decision. The HoD of the Department of Chemistry insisted me not to change my subjects. She said that it will be a mere loss of time and money. My best friend along with others also went on insisting the same. But the least did they understand that I had to take the heaviest part of the grief of leaving Science. Parting with the Department of Chemistry was the most sorrowful thought in me at that time. I had always loved the experiments, the labs, the teachers, my friends there and everything else other than the books.
The greatest thing in life is reality; we can not deny it even if we want to. I knew that my first year exams were not up to the mark required for making a future with the subject. Indeed, I was never attracted in making a future with the subject. I had taken up Chemistry as major just because I liked it. I never thought if I could bear it or make a pace along with my friends. In this century of competitions, one must be able to cope up with others; but I just failed to make up. I felt that the Organic Chemistry was not my dish of rice; I could not digest much of it.
The wary suggestions from my teachers and friends on one side and the realization of reality on the other kept me trapped in a dilemna. At that time my only support was my Ma and a precious poem. I could take such a big decision only because my mother supported it. At that time also a ‘tricky’ poem by one of my favorite poets provided some mental satisfaction. The poem is ‘The Road Not Taken…’ by Robert Frost.
Robert Lee Frost's personal life was plagued with grief and loss. He was born on 26 March 1874 in San Francisco. He lost his parents and sister in the early part of his life. Later he also lost his wife, his co-valedictorian and sweetheart from school. Only two, out of his six children outlived their father. The four-time Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, teacher and lecturer had to undergo more sufferings when his poems were summarily rejected in his own country, the USA. He somehow managed to sell his farm and move his family to England.  Then finally it happened; after writing poetry and trying to get noticed by publishers for over twenty years, Frost’s first collection of poetry A Boy’s Will was published in England in 1913 by a small London printer, David Nutt. A year later Robert began teaching English at Amherst College. Mountain Interval was published in 1916 which contained many poems including ‘The Road…’ written at Franconia. He also started lecture tours for his ever-growing audience of avid readers.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Though it is very easy to understand what the poet means in the poem, it is basically a reflection of the hard routes he had to take to get his fame. In it he symbolises the two ways of life- Materialism and Spiritualism.  The first one is the most frequented, but the other one is less trodden. He had taken the one that lay desolate. The choice that he had made years ago had made a great deal of difference to him.
I too hope that something successful lies infront of the rushed decision I took. I know that the path I had now chosen to advance in life is also not very easy. I am now a student of Arts with English as Major. As Changmai sir says, it is true that apart from developing our writing and communication skills in English, we will also have to keep a record of all the trends of the decent of the English literature and language starting from its origination to the point it had reached today. Having a will to do it, a love for reading literature from a tender age and a habit of writing, I think I can get along this time.  Some other lines by Frost keep me strong and fixed..
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep…

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A step towards e-Famous-NorthEast..

A step towards e-Famous-NorthEast..

        The Anundoram Borooah Award forwarded by the Planning and Development Department of the Government of Assam is really praiseworthy. Under the scheme every first rank holder in the HSLC and Madraasa exams conducted by SEBA and AHM are awarded with a PC set. But recently these PC sets has converted into disturbing elements in most households for parents with the children stuck to the nuisance- creating computer games.
        For the above reason the department providing the award cannot be blamed. The system of computer education in the primary and secondary schools are to be looked into. Though the Government had almost succeeded in introducing computer courses in a major part of the schools of the state, the complete implementation of such courses remain a failure.
        At the time when the student receives his award he must have enough knowledge in operating the PC basically. He must also have a basic knowledge and command over the Internet. These are to be taught to the student at school; only then the student will be able to make use of the PC set wisely.
        It is notable that the use of Indian languages in the internet are also gaining momentum gradually. At such a stage it has also become essential for the students to take an active part in contributing for the upliftment of their mother tongue on the web world.
        On 9th September, 2010 the editorial board of the Tinsukia College quarterly journal, Pragyan and its Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) held an interactive session with Mr. Bikram Mozinder Baruah, a petroleum engineer based at Abu Dhabi. BMB described before a group of students and teachers of various colleges on how to use the regional languages on the internet. BMB has a great place in publicizing the North-Eastern languages on the internet. He is the producer of an online dictionary for the North-Eastern languages by the alias of . At Xobdo one may easily find the meaning of any word in all the North-Eastern languages coupled with their equivalent in the other languages including English.
        It is a time when the use of the indigenous regional words are replaced by their equivalents in English and a step like Xobdo comes like a blessing. One may just go to the Xobdo website at and search for any word there.
        A point that is worth mentioning is that this dictionary is developed by contributions from general public. Any body can become a member of Xobdo and start contributing words. It is not necessary that one must go on thinking for words hard and deep; one may just include the uncommon and unfamiliar words that he/she comes across in his daily life, be it in English or any language spoken in the NE like Assamese, Dimaasa, Karbi, Meeteilon, Tai, Bodo, Mising, Hmar, Khaasi, Kok-Borok, Bishnupuria, Bengali, Garo, Nagamese, Mizo, Deori, Chakhma, Apatani, Ao, Rabha, Tiwa, Monpa, Kaubru (Reang), Sumi Naga, Nepali etc.
        BMB, during the talk also praised the active movement taken by e-Jonaki-Jug (ঈ-জোনাকী যুগ). Honoring the great contributions towards ‘Jonaki’, a magazine which succeeded in making Assamese literature take a great leap towards advancement, by  literates like Chandrakanta Agarwala, Laxminath Bezbarua; e-Jonaki-Jug is preparing Assam for another such leap. In this Internet Age of today, projects like e-Jonaki-Jug should be the most welcomed.
        In the same session of interaction, Mr. Sushanta Kar taught the audience the use of Unicode and typing tools that ease the use of Indian languages including the NE ones in PCs. He said that most of the Assamese newspapers from Asom which has their online versions publish news in an image format. In such a case it becomes impossible for news-readers to find out such news by the topics. He described before the students how easy it is to download regional font-unicodes and use them. He also suggested students to write blogs. Free blogs can be very easily created from and .
        After the Interactive Session everybody bore a feel of ardent zeal. Having welcomed by Mr. Bhuban Gogoi, the principal of the college, and after recieving the felicitation of ‘Fulaam Gamosa’ and a gifted CD by Mr. Rajeev Mohan from Mrs. Manashi Rajkhowa; BMB seemed satisfied by the show of enthusiasm from the audience. Mr. Sushanta Kar, who took the initiative in arranging the interaction also had a sense of content on his face. Mr. Surya Chutiya, member of the editorial board of 'Pragyan' ended the session with an excellent vote of thanks. The group of girls from Womens’ College along with the students of Tinsukia College and other institutions who took part in the interaction also walked out proudly praising the introductory step of fame for their lovely languages.

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