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We, the friends

We, the friends

Constantly active, a town, else a city to be:
Commerce on high, ey ‘tis Tinsukia and we-
Swaying nooks to center, majormates or friends,
We few study English literature, also its trends.

Borguri, Hijuguri, Makum o’ Chota Hapjan-
Sreepuria, O’er Bridge are the regions we don.
0840, chiefly lessons start ‘ou at times late;
Any soul may find us at the beautiful gate.

An hour o’ so, in rooms, attentions roam a bit
Sirs ‘n’ Mems come and teach, we gently sit-
At the solemn top, Fanny Price, her silent love,
The fair youth, all, travels in by our ear’s cove.

Then we gather at the mazy corridors and buzz,
Sit under the canopies, the campus does merge-
Pretty gals carry fancy bags, move and gossip
But guys hover, time and again their cells beep.

After that we step out, moving in noisy groups,
Pushing him and her, like some ‘naughty troops’-
The hot sun smiles above; hungry- recall we few,
Speed up paces, part to meet again, wishing adieu.

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