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It’s around midnight and I am still awake-
Along me, on my new varnished Study Table;
Rests the bound book with the NCERT label.

All out of sudden, a desire fills me- Yes!
A desire to write some verses that rhythm-
What? A poem amidst unsolved Logarithm!

But… On what should I write it, or on whom?
Love, Friends, Nature, Calamities or woes-
The corruption issue, Baba Ramdev or his foes?

A real unsure mind, facing subject alternates-
And now I hear a cell tone- Shouldn’t I write
On that silly man calling at this time of night?

Ohho! Nah! I can’t go more- I have lost my words-
I doubt if any poem would come up tonight-
Hmm, I go to sleep, lights off- Wish you Good Night!

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Beloved :: by Himashree Choudhury

-Himashree Choudhury

Who’s that like a prince?
I’ve never seen nor met,
Who seems unique and
Different from others-
I can’t think of anyone else..
Who’s that, loyal to all?
Whose eyes are so attractive?
Whose never ending smile
Glimpses like the morning sun,
Whose face always
Remains in my mind
Can anyone tell me,
Who’s that, who’s he?
Can anyone say, can anyone?

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To Her and Back

To Her and Back

Excited, a light heart, a smile in face,
Zoo Road: I stepped on a crowded bus;
On board I heard buzz and consents..
Some in a fix, Captain defeats Queen;
Others roared for Congress had its win-
It was just two days past the Result 13th!

Stoppages past- Zunali, Tiniali, Commerce,
Chandmari, Colony, Service and finally,
I’m down at the big circle of Silpukhuri.

From the hill road when you grace me
With a private glance, I know for sure-
That the proof of love you gave me
When we were 500 miles apart, alone
Was not just a mere good dream,
Next we headed for Digholipukhuri!

Once there, then we exchanged words-
This journey of life- whatever is left,
We‘ll advance together, hand in hands.

Still, but we are not much ready now,
Tomorrow we will be- so we part again
With a promise that we’ll meet again
Amidst that crowd, just the two of us-
Alone thus I returned back contented,
To the solitude of my private dreams!

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