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Most respectfully I beg to inform you that I am serving at Rasaraj Bezbaruah LPS as an Asst. Teacher since my engagement in June'12 under the implementation of RTE Act in our state taken by you.

I had always dreamt of being someone who could educate the people in rural areas. So, I had moved from Tinsukia to Lanka in Nagaon Dist. to serve. Recently, after having served at my school for six months I couldn't afford to resign it for accepting my engagement in APDCL meter reader.

All amounts to a big thanks to you...

Now, coming to the point.. The aforesaid school falls under the jurisdiction of Kaki Tongia Cluster Center of Lanka Elementary Education Block of Nagaon District. After my engagement I found the school headmaster was helplessly controlling the entire school singly without any support from the SMC, Mother's Group, Panchayat, etc. He was very happy to have me in his school. He is very responsible and very regular towards his duties. But to my horror I found that the school had seen severe neglect from the Lanka E. E. Block during three sessions. The school has not received any funds except Midday meals and salaries of cooks for the sessions 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13. The funds not received are TLM, Development, Maintenance, Uniform, etc.

This has resulted in indifference among the students of our school with neighboring schools. Also it has become impossible for the headmaster to explain the guardians as why their wards don't receive uniforms. TLMs serve as a back bone in the present education system; but without any funds for three consecutive sessions, the school is left only with cost-free TLMs. Again the school doesn't have any drinking water source, toilets, etc. As a result the students of the school are suffering largely.

I would request you, if possible, to direct officials of your department to enquire into the proceedings to the schools and find out the reason behind the fund blockage of the school.

                                                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                                                 Shubhadeep Paul.

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