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Confusion between GOOD PEOPLE.. :(

Location: Facebook

1> Huck, Male
2> Tom, Male (Huck's closest friend)
3> Lisa, FeMale (Huck's senior in school and now it college too)
4> Sunaina, FeMale (Lisa's friend)

Facebook relations:
Before it took place:
Tom, Lisa were in Huck’s friends’ list.
Huck, Lisa, Sunaina were in Tom’s friends’ list.
Huck, Tom, Sunaina were in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Tom, Lisa were in Sunaina’s friends’ list.
After it had took place:
Tom, Lisa are in Huck’s friends’ list.
Huck is in Tom’s friends’ list.
Huck, Sunaina are in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Lisa is in Sunaina’s friends’ list.
Huck’s status remained intact.
Lisa, Sunaina no longer remained in Tom’s friends’ list.
Tom no longer remained in Lisa’s friends’ list.
Tom no longer remained in Sunaina’s friends’ list.

The Case:
20 Nov:          Huck receives a FB message from Lisa in which she describes that Tom had put some rubbish comments on Sunaina’s wall. Huck condemns it and replies that he would take over the matter with Tom and make him realize his mistake. (At this time, Huck believed that Tom indeed did it)
22 Nov:        Huck speaks with Tom over the matter. Tom denies of using any abusive or disrespectful tone with Sunaina. Huck remains confused and trapped not knowing who is faulty.
26 Nov:        The issue takes a discussion between Huck and Tom again. Tom re-denies his accusation. Huck retains his earlier state.
16 Dec:        After about 20 days from the time the issue was last discussed, Huck receives a wallpost from Lisa on his wall. It quoted her asking Huck if she had tried to make him against someone. Not sensing anything Huck replies negative and asks for more clarification. Lisa comments suggesting Huck to get the answer from his friend (best indication towards Tom). Huck visits Tom’s wall and finds a philosophical status update there:  “Tom-says if u hate me than plz tell at my face...i wont mind...plz don't pinch my buddy n do him against me...that will be most cheap act a person can do... :(” By the time Huck saw the update, it was almost flooded with comments, one from Lisa. In the comment Lisa tries to convince Tom that everybody loves him. But Tom already hurt from knowing the matter from his closest friend, Huck breaks on her and accuses her publicly. Thereafter Lisa removes Tom from her friends’ list.

Review: Huck acted as a conveyor in the whole case and was not an active part in the case. Hence no question of any kind of affect on his friendship with Tom could have happened. Tom is thus using the ‘pinching buddy against’ as a mere arm against Lisa. But it has affected relationships between all the three-Huck, Tom, Lisa whereas Sunaina is playing an escapist.
Not to mention that Huck and Tom being friends since they were Nursery buds, their relationship had gained their earlier weight; this was proved by a comment by Huck on Tom’s blamed status. Tom too replied positively.

17 Dec:                  Question remains, who actually created the confusion?

Important Note: Above content is a pure fiction. It has no relation with any living/true Facebook user. If it bears any similarity with any real event it should be considered as a mere co-incidence.

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