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A project and an inspiration

Only last year I took this project, 'Tinsukia Mirror'. It is actually an initiative taken by me along with a group of local youths/students to highlight our city, Tinsukia to a higher platform by creating directories, databases, photo-albums on our website and social-networking-sites (SNS) as a part of their hobbies on a non-profit basis.

The main objectives of Tinsukia Mirror are:

*To reflect the city of Tinsukia.

*To make information available on the Internet and Social Networking Sites (SNSes) about Tinsukia.

*To make people aware of the resources available in the city by putting relevant photos, links, datas, etc.

*To engage youths in the whole process which will influence for the good of their character, behavior, etc and refrain them from bad habits by keeping them engaged. The initiative will also make them know about the basics of creating a website, html editing and journalism.

*To create directories about about all organisations/institutions/establishments in Tinsukia.

*To work under the guidance of experts and involve them as advisors.

The story is presently advancing at a very steady pace, because like me most of the members of the team working for Tinsukia Mirror are TDC 3rd year students and are at the most important year of their career. But once we become graduates we will be devoting more and more time to the project. We sought to start a local journal with the same title, which will hook all the budding writers, artists, etc and then compile into a beautiful written record. But at our present stage its just like the famous lines by Frost, " The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

But again if inspiring email like this one drops in our mail boxes, it delivers a boost in us and we are refreshed. On the 10th of February, KK Dwivedi, IAS who was the former Deputy Commissioner of Tinsukia had replied to our request to become an advisor in a very inspiring way. Though due to his time constraint he couldn't take active part in the project he gave some useful tips, and promised occasional guidance to our project. Mentionable is that Tinsukia had seen some major advancements under his tenure as the DC. Also he published a very beautiful guide cum handbook on the Dibru Saikhowa NP, which is serving as a great help to tourist who drop in our city from other parts. The email read as follows:

Dear Mr Paul,
 Congrats to you and your team for making appreciable efforts. Website is
very attractive and colorful. I may not be able to become advisor due to my
time constraints but  I will occasionally suggest you to make the website
more useful and interesting. Don,t try to imitate any attempt made by
Guwahatians or others but be inspired and bring out some thing different
which make your website stand apart from the crowd. Post the information
which people need and may find useful. Keep the info and posts updated
regularly. Provide links of other website related to Tinsukia. Do some
survey work among the youths who use Internet and who are your target group
 and get to know what they expect from your website and what info they need
in their daily routine.
 Once again congratulations and best wishes for your noble endeavour.
K K Dwivedi
Our website, Facebook page, Twitter, Email could be reached at:
The present team of Tinsukia Mirror:

Shubhadeep Aasween Paul,  Owner- Final Edits and Designs

He may look like a youngster, but Aasween is always creative and striking out new implements to popularise his city. Tinsukia Mirror was a result of his trials to show that Tinsukia is a better place than Guwahati before his gf. He is a BA 3rd Year student of English Concentration at Tinsukia College.

Dr. Sanat Kumar Dutta, Advisor- Photographies and Administration

A Gynaecologist by profession, an artist by passion, Dr. Dutta is interested in music, violin, painting and photography alike, apart from bearing a dream to establish Tinsukia as a better place to live by uplifting the ways of thinking of the city dwellers.

Rishikesh Jha, Member- Reports and Photographies

Rishi is a free-bird, He keeps flying around the city, not with bad intentions, but with the good ones like collectings news and reports, not for any news agency, but as a hobby and to benfit himself. He is a BCom 3rd Year student at Tinsukia Commerce College.

Gayatri Devi, Member- Reports and Publicities

"Politics is an unevitable part of Democracy. Being citizens of the world's largest democracy, it becomes our duty to lead, participate and keep a note of the happenings around us." Gayatri believes this and she proves it excellently. She is the GS of Womens' College SU and a BA 3rd Year student of Political Science.

Babina Bhoktiari, Member- Public Relations

'If a little knowledge is dangerous, then who are the men full of knowledge to be out of danger?'- Babina believes that knowledge is necessary in our lives but it must gurantee right judgements at the times of need. She is a BA student at Womens' College Tinsukia.

Lohit Dutta, Member- Reports and Urgencies 

A music freak, Lohit always reserves cool mind in him; though a bit addicted for Facebook and Twitter, he is also a good blogger. He can hook his eye upon any event and then supply a series of updates for us. Lohit is a BSc 3rd Year student at Tinsukia College.

Himashree Choudhury, Project Proposer

Himashree is a non-participating member, but she is the one for whom we have Tinsukia Mirror today. She proposed the idea of starting the website incidentally because she wanted to have a look of our city without actually visiting. Today Tinsukia Mirror holds a reflection of the city before the entire nation proudly.

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Bijit Sharma said...
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Bijit Sharma said...

Keep it up guys...Where there is a will, there is a way..Make Tinsukia stand out in the crowd..I liked the Journal idea very much, this will bring a sense of pride and love for the town and the whole of the district as offline publications can be read by people who do not even know the ABC of Internet..I am with you so do gimme a call if needed since I have similar plans as I told Shubhadeep once.

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