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Promises, Dreams and You

Promises to you, Promises for a life’s treat,
Promises- Isn’t it on which the days do lit?
Keep one and love swiftly laces life to a life;
Break one and sadness pushes a sharp knife..

Two months have passed now, a long age it seems
By promises and words, I have a house of dreams.
Dreams of you and me, adding bright colors
To a colorful future staged between flowers..

For a preview- last night- I dreamt and dreamt
Of a tour to an unlocated isle that did tempt-
To the vanishing point of the mighty Luit,
I got lost with you and we happily accept it..

There we built a small cot, Embraces and blend,
Made love and shared it as much we could lend.
For that Promises grow a relation, I am for it-
Promises also make a man suitable to elope with..

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