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"No one will go anywhere"

Anindyee Dhar

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Out of the reach of belief, did come the shock;
That awful news and our world did rock.
How did it happen, none knows why;
We’re so sad, it did make us cry.
How unfair it has been, then and now,
Won’t someone ever tell us, why and how?

Her tears had dried, her pains got healed;
She and her sweet soul must have yield.
So good was she; her works so even,
That God chose her to be placed in heaven.
Its time now, while we’ve moved on-
We miss her as though she had just gone.

Griefs along, to her our farewells we’ve bid;
Even though, we’ll never forget the good she did.
We remember her still, we miss her yet;
And on this we’ll forever bet.
Coz had she been truly in our heart(s),
From us she’ll never be truly apart.

Carrying her memories; for more tricks to see
Of the world, we move saying, ‘Requiscat In Pace’.

Dedicated to Anindyee Dhar, a victim of the 13th Feb'10 Pune German Bakery Blast. On the ill-fated day, she along with her elder sibling Ankik Dhar and three other friends were at the Bakery to chat over a cup of coffee. All of their lives cut short. May they RIP.

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