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Open Letter to HBS sir


First of all thanks to you for bringing a visionary change to the educational scenario of Assam.
The TET appointment was a great leap for education in Assam. Gradually the term TET has now-a-days become the most used term among the job-seekers of Assam.

Coming to the point,

Sir, about 11k teachers are to be brought under the canopy of the state government this financial year, but it is not going to happen again... I again stress, that not 11k posts are going to be fulfilled.
This is a great loss at a time when there are still lots to teachers serving from June 2012 and still not regularised. Not that they are of higher ages, not that they have no D.El.Ed, not that they lack qualities. But it’s the system which is not allowing them.

Firstly, many ST posts are totally vacant. I know it could not be helped with this time. Neither I nor You can go against the constitution. So it’s useless discussing.

But, again like every time, its seen in the provisional lists that many candidates are appointed for two posts (one in LP and one in UP) , this means at least one post is wasted. Moreover, after appointment, another lot will just not join, just because the school is in some rural area. This is wrong...
The other day you were speaking to teachers to accept the whole of Assam as our home. We do accept. I accept. Thousands like me accept it. And so I am staying apart from my family and hometown Tinsukia, and serving at the same school since June 2012 at an interior area of present Hojai district, Kaki. I have never wanted Mutual, Transfer, and Rationalisation. While many has left the place to join schools near their homes (by paying large amount, I disclose this because it is no secret now), I have accepted Kaki as my home. Apart from teaching at my own school, I am now familiar to the students of several other nearby schools. I get my eternal joy when they call me, invite me to their school and regard me as ‘rhymes sir’.
But, today I am really saddened. I could have been regularised at my home district but due to my emotional attachment, I again opted for Nagaon, and has been left out by a few decimals of marks. On the other hand, I am sure that many posts will be lying vacant. Why not mean out a way to fill those posts (not the ST reserved ones) but the ones that will fall vacant because some teachers are selected in two posts, and the ones that will lay vacant because some will not join.

A request.. Please stop this.. Sort out a way to detect the candidates who have been selected in both LP and UP.. Ask them to select the option in which they want to serve. Fill the posts from the waiting candidates.
Also prepare a wait list of at least 20 candidates from each district. Fill the posts that are not joined from those wait listed candidates.

Else this culture will keep continuing.. A few teachers will keep applying again and again.. Their will be wastage of posts going on and on.. the same unfilled posts will be advertised again and again.. and those will remain unfilled. Its like a loop.. or a deja-vu..

If only really 11k teachers could have been appointed.. but no.. among the 11k teachers that you are announcing.. only 7 – 8 k teachers will be actually be appointed in practical. And even among them another lot will not be joining the posts…

So please HELP..

Waiting for a good response..

                                                                                                      A Cont. TET Teacher..

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