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What should I do..

What should I do ~

January 4, the cel clock shows 10 past ten,
The sun at high ~ shines ~ upon earth, men:
Still my room’s dark, as cold as a wild den ~
I come out so carrying a sheet and a pen..

Now once out, I make seat on a rusty chair:
No delay, I set the music cords at ears’ pair~
Soothing songs now, no books kept in layer ~
With my girlfriend, I bear an urge to pair..

As this hour pass, the play of sweet voices ~
All hints me to express a few poetic verses,
Lack-a-dae, I fight with subject alternates-
I go for Nature, she SMSes romantic choices..

No matter whatever I had thought to do,
I wrap up now, a poem in hand, Wooh!

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Who’s that girl who…

Who’s that girl who…
…for himashree

Who’s that girl who says she loves me,
And at night and day, rules my fancies?
She is my angel; a fairie from Hima,
The white flakes of snow..

Who’s that girl who nods she robs me,
Of my heart, and wins my thoughts?
She is pretty; a beauty from Asom,
The beautiful land of Northeast..

Who’s that girl who SMSes and diverts me,
From the Anglo-Saxons, and my books?
She is adorable; a lass far away, in
The heart of Brihattar Guwahati..

your jaan, shubhadeep…

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